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Using The Police as a Viable Resource


Posted: Feb 20, 2019 1:17 PM ESTUpdated: Feb 21, 2019 1:30 PM EST

By Dottie Davis, Advisory Board Member, SafeVisitor

Your local law enforcement agency exists to safeguard the community, and that includes your organization’s facilities. To protect your places and people effectively, officers need you to play an active role.

First, the police want you to call if something isn’t right. There’s a common misconception that officers will be angry if a call they receive turns out to be unfounded, or that they’ll make light of the situation or caller. The reality is that police officers are accustomed to arriving at uncertain situations, immediately determining whether there’s a real problem, and taking action if there is. As a retired police officer, I can tell you that I’d rather pull up to an altercation in its early stages, rather than roll up as guns are being drawn or after shots have been fired.


How will your employees react to an active shooter?


Posted: June 2018 

By Dottie Davis, Advisory Board Member, SafeVisitor


It is an ordinary workday until you heard gunfire. In the next few seconds, everyone will go through three steps that will have a profound impact on the outcome of the incident.


We’ve all seen the videos of the aftermath of shootings in places like Parkland, the YouTube campus, and Noblesville. But very little media attention has been given to one of the most important elements of those shootings: how ordinary people react.


Disaster response psychologists have identified a predictable pattern of physical and emotional responses. Those responses can be summarized into three stages. Knowing each of those stages and what to do can keep you and your employees alive.



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